Family Matters

Family Matters is a customized, intensive counseling for families that grew out of the work of Restoring Dignity Retreats.

The counseling sessions are about righting the wrongs, hurts, and offenses that may have taken place in families. This can be between husbands and wives, parents and children, siblings, aging parents, and other issues.

Family members may be affected or allow conflicts to brew for years without speaking to one another OR continue with awkwardness because issues have not been affirmed among family members and reconciled.

Research shows that family affirmation, love and support contributes greatly to longevity and personal peace, satisfaction and with children may very well enable them to move beyond their current levels of functioning.

‘Family Matters may also be applied to other business and relational dynamic situations. The reconciliation within one self and or with others may contribute to peace, success and personal potential and productivity.

It takes courage to take the first step, but really….families do matter. Click here to contact us.

Appointments by request. (Allow up to 3-6 hours per session so that matters can be as quickly resolved as possible.)